Submissions are now being accepted for the CRISIS issue of the National Council for Behavioral Health’s magazine!

Submissions are now being accepted for the CRISIS issue of the National Council for Behavioral Health’s magazine.

Should your work be featured? It should if you have a success story, innovation, or promising practice to share. For instance, if you:

  • use technology to make your crisis services accessible
  • use technology in a creative way to track or triage crisis situations
  • have a unique collaboration with first responders and other related agencies to connect people in crisis to appropriate care
  • have built a fail-safe infrastructure to respond to crises in your community
  • have tailored your crisis response teams to meet the unique needs of your area

Tell us why your work should be featured in the next issue of the National Council Magazine, releasing in Spring 2016.

Submit your story idea by Monday, Nov. 23 by Noon Eastern. Please send an email to Susan Partain ( with the following information:

  1. Your name and contact information, or the contact information of the person(s) to be interviewed/who will write the article
  2. A 3-4 sentence outline of the community program/service that this story would highlight, including outcomes (can be overall impact to your community or an individual story)
  3. 1-2 sentences on what makes your program/crisis services unique

The National Council magazine is a great opportunity to earn national recognition for the wonderful work you do in your community and for the people in whose lives you make a difference.

Magazine readership includes decision makers — CEOs, administrators, clinicians, board members, individuals in recovery—in 2,500+ addiction mental health care organizations. The magazine is also distributed to federal policymakers and administrative agencies, payers, health care associations, state and local governments and media outlets throughout the U.S. Copies are mailed to National Council member organizations and VIPs, and the complete magazine is shared via web, email, social media and blogs.

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The editorial team will review all submissions and notify you byDecember 7 if your idea is selected for inclusion.

If you have questions or wish to discuss further, please contact Susan Partain at