The National Council's Middle Management Academy

The National Council's Middle Management Academy is 3.5 days of intensive, practical, interactive leadership training customized for today’s complex health care environment.

Invest in your management team and invest in your future. 

Middle Management Academy develops promising performers into leaders that will energize and revitalize your organization with the results-driven tools they need to:

  • Improve workforce competency and production
  • Build a Dream Team with strength-based management skills
  • Leverage unique personal talents to create a strengths and value-driven culture
  • Create standards of excellence that respond to your clients and community
  • Develop financial literacy to recognize and analyze critical trends
  • Implement strategies to balance the budget while achieving your goals
  • Focus on the bottom line and make it grow

Help your managers—at all levels—enhance their ability to lead in increasingly challenging environments characterized by tighter budgets, policy changes and evolving clinical and business practices.

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