Collaborative Workplan 2012-2015

Remember the day-long Strategic Action Plan meeting on November 7th?  All those crazy post-it notes and the hours spent reviewing ideas? Well after many hours of review from our Steering Committee and the Bay Area Directors, we are pleased to announce we have a Work Plan for 2015-18!  We were able to find ways for interested individuals to provide feedback - we are pleased so many peers, educators, county and CBO providers, (among others) thoughtfully provided input.  This plan furthers some of the important work we have done in the last several years and shapes some of our future work to meet the needs of the changing behavioral health care system.  For example, training is requested on cultural humility and inclusion, integrated health, substance use disorders treatments and trauma-informed care. Additionally, there was great interest in looking at various educational and peer pipeline efforts that could be expanded and developed further.  Thank you again for you work on this plan which will help provide structure for the next three years of work.

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