Clinician Positions at Berkeley Mental Health

Berkeley Mental Health is about to start recruiting clinicians.

The City will open recruitments in the following classifications over the next few weeks:  Behavioral Health Clinician I, Behavioral Health Clinician II, and Senior Behavioral Health Clinician.   The application window is usually three to four weeks.  These lists will be active for at least a year, possibly longer, making this a chance to be eligible for a job in these classifications at BMH over the next year or two.   

If you have people in your network who would be interested in working at BMH, please pass this information on to them. They can go to this link to sign up to receive Job Alerts in these classifications, as well as any other classifications that look like good fits, such as Social Services Specialist, Mental Health Clinical Supervisor, and Mental Health Program Supervisor.   They will receive an email from the City HR department whenever a recruitment opens in a classification they’re interested in.

If you know someone who is looking for work, please share this information far and wide.  Our goal is to generate a robust hiring list, since we have multiple approved openings for BHCs in all parts of the MH division, including work with adults, children, the homeless, and those in crisis.  Thanks in advance for your help!

Open until: 
Saturday, February 10, 2018