Meeting - January 25, 2017

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

10 AM to 12:30

Girls’ Inc.

510 16th Street

Oakland, CA

Greater Bay Area Collaborative Meeting

Peer Providers in Behavioral Health: Best Practices and Challenges from Four Leading States

With Joanne Spetz, PhD, Healthforce Center University California San Francisco

Dr. Spetz’ presentation will be followed by Collaborative updates and networking opportunities.


Please do mark your calendars and plan to join us for our first Collaborative meeting of 2017.

We are fortunate to have Joanne Spetz, PhD, Associate Director of Research, Healthforce Center University of California, San Francisco present recent research on best practices in peer provider employment. Please bring any colleagues who would benefit from such a presentation, such as your human resources, peer provider, or management staff.  The Collaborative’ s Kim Mayer was involved in the research, and this is an exciting and important discussion to have as we continue to promote the work of peers in our health systems. 


We are having the meeting at Girls, Inc. in downtown Oakland.  Girls Inc. has generously offered to provide us a conference room in their beautiful building close to 12th Street BART. In addition to helping us get to know about our Collaborative members, we hope that the downtown location will make it easier to attend the meetings.  Given the current levels of congestion in the Bay Area, it is recommended that participants park at a BART station in a less congested part of the Bay Area and ride the train to 12th Street Oakland. If one chooses to drive, there is metered parking and garages throughout the Broadway corridor.


We will try the meeting at the Girls’ Inc. location and obtain your feedback on the accessibility for you after the meeting.  We can then fill out our meeting locations for the rest of the year.


Resources for the 1/25/17 Meeting:

This is the link to the landscape analysis, done as part of the research:

Attached is the Brief Summary of the 4-state study. There are also individual case studies of each state available, too



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