ACBHCS Information Memorandum Number: 05-01-2015-01, Provision of Medi-Cal Specialty Mental Health Services by LPCCs

RE:    ACBHCS Information Memorandum Number: 05-01-2015-01, Provision of Medi-Cal Specialty Mental Health Services by LPCCs

Dear Provider,


The purpose of this Information Notice is to inform Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services (ACBHCS) Contract Providers that effective July 1, 2012, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors (LPCCs) were added to California’s Medicaid State Plan (State Plan) as qualified providers of Targeted Case Management Services and Rehabilitative Mental Health Services, as specified in the State Plan.

Therefore, ACBHCS has approved the submission of claims/billings of Medi-Cal Specialty Mental Health Services rendered by LPCCs.  The following standards and definitions shall apply:

·         LPCCs are master’s level mental health professionals qualified to perform counseling interventions and psychotherapeutic techniques to identify and remediate cognitive, mental, and emotional issues, including personal growth, adjustment to disability, crisis intervention, and psychosocial and environmental problems.

·         California Business and Professions Code (BPC) Sections 4999.20 – 4999.76 delineates the specific LPCC scope of practice, licensure, and practice requirements.

·         Consistent with Welfare and Institutions Code Section 5751.2 and the State plan, an LPCC may be a waivered/registered professional who has:

(1) Registered with the Board of Behavioral Sciences for the purpose of acquiring the supervised professional experience required for licensure, in accordance with applicable statutes and regulations, or

(2) Granted a waiver by California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) as a candidate who was recruited for employment from outside of California, whose experience is sufficient to gain admission to the appropriate licensing examination but who requires time to make arrangements for and take the appropriate licensing examination.

As specified in the State Plan, LPCCs may provide Targeted Case Management, Mental Health Services, Day Treatment Intensive, Day Rehabilitation, Crisis Intervention, Crisis Stabilization, Adult Residential, Crisis  Residential, and Psychiatric Health Facility services, consistent with the scope of practice requirements and when all other requirements for service delivery are met. LPCCs may provide these services as Mental Health Plan (MHP) employees, as MHP contracted individual providers, or as employees of MHP contracted organizational providers.

“Professional clinical counseling” as defined in BPC Section 4999.20 does not include the assessment or treatment of couples or families unless the LPCC has completed additional training and education, as specified in BPC Section 4999.20(a)(3), beyond the minimum training and education required for licensure. MHPs are responsible for verifying and ensuring that LPCCs providing Medi -Cal specialty mental health services meet the additional training and education requirements pursuant to BPC Section 4999.20.

As long as there is consistency with the State Plan, MHP contract, and all applicable federal and state laws, LPCCs may direct services, including directly providing Medi-Cal specialty mental health services, acting as clinical team leaders, providing direct or functional supervision of service delivery, and reviewing, approving, and signing client plans. When directing a service, the LPCC also assumes ultimate responsibility for the Medi-Cal specialty mental health service provided, whether or not the LPCC directly provides the service.

DHCS has determined that the provider taxonomy code 101YM0800X Mental Health Counselor aligns with defining the LPCC as the rendering provider on 837 claims.  In support of this decision, ACBHCS has added the LPCC and LPCC w/family categories to the staff number request forms and will require the 101YM0800X taxonomy code.

Should you have any questions regarding this Memorandum, require additional information or clarifications; please contact Rudy C. Arrieta, Quality Management Director at (510) 567-8129 or