About Us

The Collaborative represents many different counties, agencies, organizations, and institutions, all committed to expanding the Bay Area's public mental health workforce. 

Today, mental health practice is focused on creating hope and supporting wellness, recovery and resiliency for people living with mental illness. Our goal is to create a workforce that understands and supports wellness and recovery, is culturally and linguistically competent, and includes consumers and family members throughout the mental health system. Learn more about our history.

Through our regular meetings and joint projects, the Collaborative aims to "connect the dots" between providers, educators, consumers and family members to develop strategies and systems that will encourage and enable people to enter the mental health field. Learn more about our organizational structure.

Guiding Principles

The Collaborative is an equal partnership among consumers*, family members, providers, educators, and their institutions, and other stakeholders, that develops projects, strategies, services, and models to expand mental health educational and career pathways and to increase employment opportunities.

  1. The Collaborative promotes projects, services, and educational and career pathways that are consumer- and family-centered and that support resiliency, recovery, and wellness of people with mental illness and emotional disturbances across the life cycle.
  2. The Collaborative recognizes that stigma prevents recovery and is committed to eliminating stigma in the workplace, schools, and the community and to replacing it with positive values towards mental health and recovery.
  3. The Collaborative promotes mental health systems and a mental health workforce that are culturally and linguistically competent to meet the needs of the consumers and family members they serve and that reflect the Bay Area’s broad diversity across its many cultural, ethnic, gender, dis/ability, and faith-based communities.
  4. The Collaborative is accountable to its partners, funders, and the public-at-large and must achieve positive outcomes that will increase the number, diversity, and competency of the mental health workforce and will meet the needs of consumers, family members, and the broader community.
  5. The Collaborative is a learning organization and is committed to transforming the mental health system, creating and providing value for its members, acting as a change agent, and serving as a model for other mental health partnerships.

* The Collaborative recognizes that there are several terms used to describe recipients of mental health services.